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We're looking for a Junior Developer to join our team!

Code& is growing and we need a new developer to handle basic client requests and regular updates to their sites.

Job role:
  1. perform maintenance and updates on a monthly basis for multiple clients.
  2. Complete basic client requests.
  3. Thoroughly check sites to ensure correct functionality
  4. Fix or log any bugs
Key requirements:
  1. Keen interest in backend & frontend web development
  2. Honest & open personality, able to own both successes and mistakes in front of teammates and clients.
  3. Effective team communicator through chat, issue tracking & voice calls.
  4. Basic understanding of WordPress and previous experience setting up or maintaining a WP site
  5. Entry level understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, JS & git.
  6. Must track all time for work done
  7. Resident of Australia with ABN, remote work.
  8. Have a machine running OSX

About you:

  • Honest & open communicator & a focus on customer satisfaction
  • Self starter with initiative and eager to learn
  • Entry level position perfect for a University graduate
  • Regular hours with room to grow
  • Remote contract – work from home
  • Must be Australian resident/citizen with ABN & bank account